Epstein Law Firm offers services in the areas of civil litigation, mediation, and local government law. The firm represents individuals and public entities in the North Bay Area.

The firm’s founder, Rob Epstein, is a Marin County native who mixes a private mediation and litigation practice with the part-time representation of several local cities, including the City of San Rafael, where he serves as elected City Attorney.

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    Epstein Law Firm has opened its offices in San Rafael. Rob Epstein, a Marin County native, is excited about his new firm: “After 20 years as an attorney, it was time to recharge. We will strive to provide our clients with unparalleled legal and mediation services.” Epstein continues to act as the elected (part-time) City Attorney of Continue Reading

181 Third Street, Suite 200
San Rafael, California 94901

T   415 755 2625
C   415 722 1763

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